Who we are

Francis Filigran is a company dedicated to the design of gold and silver filigree jewels, where ancestral tradition meets with modernity for the manufacture of unique pieces. All creations are handmade and unique.

We recovered magnificent  Portuguese filigree designs, to which we apply finishing techniques improved over centuries.


 We are dedicated to women jewels, especially pendants, earrings and pins. However, we also produce acessories for men and special and decoration objects.

 The authentication of the metals used is guaranteed in each object by the National Press - Mint (entity responsible to authenticate articles of precious metal in Portugal).

 Because there are messages that are only ours, we offer the possibility to customize some objects and to write a message to be delivered with each purchase.

 We export to all over the world, so wherever you are, come with us on a wonderful journey to the past and let yourself float in the light dream of Portuguese filigree.